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If you love someone, set them free…
If they return to you, they’re yours.
If they don’t, well you’re an idiot
To let go of them in the first place!
Sacrifices, sacrifices.

Who the hell came up with this idea?
Why is it important to sacrifice in love?
What good does it bring really,
Except for a bloated sense of self importance?
Sacrifices, sacrifices.

Life never really deals you a fair hand,
You bet high when you shouldn’t,
You bluff when you can’t keep a poker face,
And sooner or later, the secret’s out that you still love him…
Sacrifices, sacrifices.

What if you don’t want to give up,
But keep fighting on relentlessly?
What happens when you’re determined,
And you end your sanity, in that futile process?
Sacrifices, sacrifices.

Each one of us is drunk somewhere.
Some on the loss of innocence,
Some on the fearful fight for survival.
And some, on the promises that now lay broken.
Sacrifices, sacrifices.


So, here’s the thing about love

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​So, here’s the thing about love.
You can’t stop loving him just like that,
You can’t switch it off in an instant.
You can’t turn your heart cold,
You can’t make that loved one distant.

So, here’s the thing about love.
Even if it ended on a strange note,
Even if things didnt work out.
When things are tough and you’re alone,
You still lean on him, there’s no doubt.

So, here’s the thing about love.
Despite how despondent it becomes,
You might know there’s no future.
Yet, familiarity becomes an old friend
The feelings still make your heart stir.

So, here’s the thing about love.
You can’t really explain these conflicts,
And, not everyone is meant to see.
A part of you will stay attached to him,
That’s how it’ll always be…


August 2, 2016 § Leave a comment

​Why are you wasting time?
Do you even have a plan?
Where are you headed,
What will you do in your lifespan?

Inundated with questions,
I’m bogged down with queries.
My future is everyone’s business,
Who cares what are my worries.

When will you get married?
Is there someone special in your life?
They feel I’m being ridiculous when I say
I don’t have time to be someone’s wife.

When will you get a better package?
Are you happy with your current job?
Cross questioning from such close quarters,
Feels like I’m being watched by the mob.

Why can’t they just let me be?
Is it really too much to ask?
My successes don’t feel mine anymore,
Because everyone else has to bask.

I now understand the pressure,
that everyone seems to be under.
Everyone is watching you closely,
Tracing your steps, more so any blunder.

How do you break free you wonder,
Is it possible to just not care?
It is if you just remind yourself
that in the crowd of millions, you are rare.

Why to buckle under their expectations
when you can write your own story?
You don’t need to conform
To someone else’s idea of glory.

Set your ideals, your goals in life
Based on what makes you smile.
Leave aside the world and it’s negativity,
Make your life on earth worthwhile!

Love her or leave her

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​Love her, or leave her,
There’s no in-between.
She’s the brightest star on the horizon
She’s the storm you haven’t yet seen.

Love her or leave her,
You don’t get to play a game.
She’s the gale who’ll blow you away,
She’s the wild stallion you can’t ever tame.

Love her or leave her,
You’re a fool if you’re unsure.
She’s a fighter through and through,
Her feelings for you are that pure.

Love her or leave her,
Don’t keep her in false hope.
She won’t think twice to be with you,
At your lowest she’ll help you cope.

Love her or leave her
Walk away if you must.
for she’ll love you always and forever
Till her heart turns to rust…

In the end

May 27, 2016 § Leave a comment

So you sit by yourself
A drink helping to numb you
Thumping music in the background
And a cigarette between your fingers.

You wonder of what could be
You ponder on the memories.
And then for just a moment
You miss his booming laughter.

You feel lonely all of sudden
And the helplessness takes over.
How are you going to live,
Without him by your side?

People around reassure you
You’re such an incredible catch.
Any guy would be lucky to have you,
But you want that guy to be him.

You cry a few tears over him
You down a few tequila shots.
Anything that paralyses that fear
Is a good enough feeling you argue.

You miss him, and miss him some more –
Every minute of your time with him
Reminds you of all the eventualities
Of the life that could be…

They say you should reign it in,
To try and be strong every passing day.
But I’ll tell you, it’s ok to be sad on days
And to reminisce of good times and bad.

It’s ok to cry at certain points of time
It’s ok to be emotionally weak
It’s fine to remember him and miss him
For we are all human in the end…

Let it go

May 26, 2016 § Leave a comment

Every love story ends in a familiar way:
a fairytale that was too good to be true.
And the days, weeks, months that follow
all relate to how it feels to be perpetually blue.

Every love story ends in a familiar way:
the first voice in the head questions.
Is it really happening? Could it be true?
Denial for everything makes clear its intentions.

Every love story ends in a familiar way:
next comes pure unbridled rampant rage.
Old fights are raked out of their coffins,
all the wrongdoings are surveyed page after page.

Every love story ends in a familiar way:
you resort to bargaining as the next step.
Promising to change yourself for him,
and that it will be a different you at his doorstep.

Every love story ends in a familiar way:
and you break into a million pieces and more.
Clouds of depression hover around your head
You feel like there’s nothing left for you in store.

Every love story ends in a familiar way:
Finally after weeks of seemingly unending woe.
The heart accepts that it wasn’t meant to be,
And gently murmurs – let it go, just, let it go…

Back to square one

May 11, 2016 § 1 Comment

Papa’s words still rings clearly in my ear;
don’t go looking for love in this darkness
let it find its way to you my dear.
Three broken relationships later, I wonder,
maybe I should hold up a signboard
lest love has lost its way altogether.

Mama’s words still rings clearly in my ear;
don’t fall for the first stranger you meet
the allure will wear off soon my dear.
Ran into so many people who charmed me over,
got my heart handed back to me in pieces
by all those knights in their shiny armor.

Friend’s words still rings clearly in my ear;
don’t get depressed after each heartbreak
you’re stronger than most people my dear.
Yet as I lie curled up on the cold floor,
I question myself about what went wrong
if this disaster was the last, or if there’d be another.

My heart’s words still rings clearly in my ear
don’t listen to what anyone says to you
you’re such an incredible person my dear.
This is certainly not the end of the future,
for he who loved you and let you go is a fool
and you my darling, can do so much better.

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