Heart mind and soul

March 28, 2017 § Leave a comment

I see you watching me
From the corner of my eye,
Your lips curl up in a smile
And just like that I’m suddenly shy.

I sense you teasing me
In the light banter we employ.
I’m so overwhelmed around you
Trust me, I’m not trying to act coy.

I can’t read your mind
You give out all cryptic clues.
I too text and call you randomly,
Making up some or other ruse.

I giggle like a teenager and
Blush when anyone says your name.
Haven’t felt like this in a long time,
I wholely put my heart to blame.

Fear eats me up daily,
Should I just tell you how I feel?
For I’m spending days and nights
Wishing we had something real.

My feelings are growing everyday,
On this I have no control.
I want you to know I’m falling for you,
Heart, mind, and soul…


Back to square one

May 11, 2016 § 1 Comment

Papa’s words still rings clearly in my ear;
don’t go looking for love in this darkness
let it find its way to you my dear.
Three broken relationships later, I wonder,
maybe I should hold up a signboard
lest love has lost its way altogether.

Mama’s words still rings clearly in my ear;
don’t fall for the first stranger you meet
the allure will wear off soon my dear.
Ran into so many people who charmed me over,
got my heart handed back to me in pieces
by all those knights in their shiny armor.

Friend’s words still rings clearly in my ear;
don’t get depressed after each heartbreak
you’re stronger than most people my dear.
Yet as I lie curled up on the cold floor,
I question myself about what went wrong
if this disaster was the last, or if there’d be another.

My heart’s words still rings clearly in my ear
don’t listen to what anyone says to you
you’re such an incredible person my dear.
This is certainly not the end of the future,
for he who loved you and let you go is a fool
and you my darling, can do so much better.

her azure

January 2, 2015 § 2 Comments

An old poem I wrote a few years ago.. But wanted to share it, nevertheless!

It just happened one day,
In circumstances completely new.
One look exchanged between us,
And all logic was knocked askew.

I sit and twiddle with my hair,
I smile dotingly at lyrics filled with mush.
It’s been a long time since this last happened,
To feel breathless and feel this sudden rush.

There’s something about his eyes
And the way they twinkle with his every laugh.
The low, calm baritone of his voice, ahh,
It soothes my heartbeat down to a half.

The excited long talks and smiles abound,
Interests shared and discoveries made.
Something secure in the way he holds my hand
It’s all the assurance that he won’t evade.

How could I’ve been so foolish,
Why did I believe it’d be crash and burn.
I never thought I’d feel this way again,
I never imagined my faith could return.

Is this a crush or an infatuation I question myself,
Then I realize there’s no answer for sure.
For now life feels like my favourite beach,
And he’s the sky in shades of azure.


March 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

When the colors of the day

blur into a haze of black and grey,

when life becomes too awry,

and the jokes fade away,

when friends get lost on the way

and relationships just go astray,

when plans seem to make no headway

and you feel only dismay,

a smile will guide you home…



September 29, 2013 § 2 Comments

Jab tanhai ka aalam yun chhaye
to neend humein bhala kaise aaye?

Soti nabs fir se jaag jaye
unki yaad jab kabhi humein sataaye.
ek kashish si dil mein jaag jaye par
unki nigahein humse kabhi na takraye.

jab tanhai ka aalam yun chhaye
to neend humein bhala kaise aaye

jhuki nazrein hamari bikhar se jayein
jab unke zarre zarre ki khushbu aye.
Kalam ki siyahi ki tarah hum behte jayein
fir bhi unke kuch pal humein na mil payen.

jab tanhai ka aalam yun chhaye
to neend humein bhala kaise aaye

kuch kehne ki talab si badhti jaye
lekin ghabrahat ka saya sir par mandraye.
kho na dein kahin hum unka saath kisi din
bas yahi koshish har pal hum kar payen.

Par jab tanhai ka aalam yun chhaye
to neend humein bhala kaise aaye.


August 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

5 days since I called you
   out of the blue,
saying things that seemed
   bang on cue.
Laughing, talking, telling
   you all was good,
but lying the whole time;
   nothing I said was true.

Letters I wrote someday
  lay crumpled around me,
while I sat and pondered
  on things to remind you.
I sent back your notes
  and photographs hoping,
maybe you’d call me coz
  you felt something too.

Your presence was like
   light in the darkness.
Yet, when you left you
   took away all the hue.
Even the most vibrant art
   became monochromatic
the greens, reds and yellows
   all turned to blue.

Why does one fall in love
   that feels so crippling?
Why does the heart lose
   in this mindless coup?
I guess it is life’s way
   of teaching us mortals,
heartbreak is an experience,
   everyone must go through.

Not anymore

July 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dreams once colorful and vivid,
Wiped clean off the slate,
But sleep doesn’t elude me anymore.
The crooked smile, the loud laughter
Resemble old poignant memories,
But my eyes don’t moisten up anymore.

The love in each word of your letters
All disappeared somewhere,
But those letters don’t remind me anymore.
The song dedications, the late night lullabies
All faded away like the twilight,
But those songs don’t move me anymore.

Dreamy castles built with our plans
All crumbled into nothingness,
But those memories don’t hurt me anymore.
Words like love, hope and faith
All drifted into oblivion,
But breathing isn’t a struggle anymore.

Why this, why now, you wonder?
Because you’re not there anymore.




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