A new start

December 21, 2016 § Leave a comment

I am giddy all of a sudden,
What’s that unfamiliar feeling in my tummy?
I smile when the phone rings,
What’s that unfamiliar flutter in my chest?
Racing Heartbeats.
I giggle at the lame jokes,
What’s that unfamiliar skip in my footsteps?
Unbridled joy.
I see him looking at me,
What’s that unfamiliar look in his eyes?
Pure Adoration.
I feel our hands entwined,
What’s that unfamiliar elation in my heart?
Hope for a new start.




November 9, 2016 § Leave a comment

Your world crumbled around you,
but I see the dust settling.
The rest of your life awaits,
Brush the debris off you darling.

Walk away from the catastrophe,
that you almost got yourself into.
He doesn’t deserve your love,
listen to the people saying that too.

Promises don’t mean a thing,
he showed you that didn’t he?
No point in feeling even a shred
of hurt or pain or pity.

You’ll erase him out of your life,
I see that burning conviction in you.
Laughter is already coming easy,
I know the strength will follow too.

You have done nothing wrong,
and so you will NOT hide or run.
That place of despair is left behind,
for the healing has already begun.


September 19, 2016 § Leave a comment

Karma saw it all.

What you said,
what you did,
all your lies,
all your deceit,
Karma saw it all.

What you cooked up,
what you shirked off,
all your manipulations,
all your mischief,
Karma saw it all.

What you owed,
what you took away,
all your bullshit,
all your cowardice,
Karma saw it all.

What you disrespected,
what you disowned,
all your dismissiveness,
all your games,
Karma saw it all.

And so, today
I won’t retort
I won’t react
I won’t retaliate.

And so, today
I won’t fight
I won’t isolate
I won’t destroy.

Because remember my dear –
Karma saw it all.

Karma is the strongest power in this world. What goes around, comes around. Always. This has been my belief all these years. This has been the sole reason, I calm myself down whenever I’m wronged, whenever I’m pushed to the brink, whenever my patience is tested, whenever I’m cornered into a fight, whenever I’m hurt over and over again…

I have faith in THAT power. I have faith that Karma is watching. It’s watching very carefully. And what you’ve done to others, will come back to you. ALWAYS.



September 7, 2016 § Leave a comment

I’ll not be affected,
My heart won’t race anymore
At the sound of your voice.
I’ll find the strength,
To move away from you,
And be hopeful of being treated right.
It’ll be all fine,
I’ll meet someone better,
Who deserves every bit of my love.
You’ll be forgotten,
And you’ll become a memory
Fading away in recess of my brain.
I’ll soar with might,
And you’ll gape with wonder
At what you lost and what could be.

Begin Again

August 30, 2016 § Leave a comment

A relationship ends,
it wasn’t meant to be.
Take as long as you need,
but sever the threads that tie you to him.
Begin again.

You’ll be ok,
keep reminding yourself that.
You have vivid dreams to chase,
you have friends and family who adore you.
Begin Again.

Breathe deeply,
strengthen your heart.
You’ve survived this far,
believe that choppy seas are behind you.
Begin Again.

Embrace destiny,
something better awaits you.
You’ll find your anchor soon my dear,
and you know it – he won’t be the last man you’ll love.
Begin Again.

Paradox of nature

August 19, 2016 § Leave a comment

​You were the ocean,
Seemingly calm on the surface
And with torrential currents underneath.

You were the waves,
With your crests lifting me up
And your troughs crashing me down.

You were the wind
That was the strength beneath my wings
And also the gale that flicked me away.

You were the rains
That I waited for expectantly every time
And who fulfilled my senses like nothing else.

You were the hurricane,
That spiraled into my life out of nothingness
And disappeared just like that into oblivion.

You were the nature,
That was amazingly beautiful one minute,
And devastating in the very next…


August 13, 2016 § Leave a comment

If you love someone, set them free…
If they return to you, they’re yours.
If they don’t, well you’re an idiot
To let go of them in the first place!
Sacrifices, sacrifices.

Who the hell came up with this idea?
Why is it important to sacrifice in love?
What good does it bring really,
Except for a bloated sense of self importance?
Sacrifices, sacrifices.

Life never really deals you a fair hand,
You bet high when you shouldn’t,
You bluff when you can’t keep a poker face,
And sooner or later, the secret’s out that you still love him…
Sacrifices, sacrifices.

What if you don’t want to give up,
But keep fighting on relentlessly?
What happens when you’re determined,
And you end your sanity, in that futile process?
Sacrifices, sacrifices.

Each one of us is drunk somewhere.
Some on the loss of innocence,
Some on the fearful fight for survival.
And some, on the promises that now lay broken.
Sacrifices, sacrifices.

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