ae dil mere

December 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

ae dil mere, tu kyun hai itna besabar?

kehne ko dosti to kar li,
par doston ki zindagi se hai tu bekhabar.
waqt ke peeche bhaagta raha,
khud ke liye do pal tujhe nahin milte magar.

ae dil mere, tu kyun hai itna besabar?

tarakki ke sapne saath lekar chala,
lekin kahin door chod aaya hai tu apna ghar.
zindagi ki dhundh mein kho gaya tu,
na socha ki ye din bhi jayenge guzar.

ae dil mere, tu kyun hai itna besabar?

tera dil bhi shayad pyaar chahe,
fir bhi tu pyar ko kose akele, tanha rehkar.
chand paas baitha tere,
fir bhi chandni ko dhoondhe teri nazar.

ae dil mere, tu kyun hai itna besabar?


My one true love, my one true friend

August 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

We started off so strangely,
I’d never dreamed what would unfurl.
You found me at a time,
when things were falling apart.
You lit up my dreary nights
with the endless nonsense chats.
Minutes turned into hours
yet, there was no stopping us.

You helped me sit upright,
it was all smiles there on.
I fell in love with you,
I really don’t know when or how.
The dream run started off,
secrets were shared promises were made.
I patiently waited for your stories
as you’d always wait for mine.

All that was important to me,
Is how I never wanted us to be apart.
The feelings grew deeper,
but the time we had grew short.
I thought we were meant to be forever,
But life had something else in store.
Before I knew it you left me
back here with a broken heart.

Few long months have passed since
concerns, worries and sleepless nights.
Heart’s taken some time to adjust,
but can’t bring it back from the cynical side
How do I admit I’m scared to love,
Can’t allow my heart to be squashed again.
It hurts on days, it hurts when I’m alone
I can’t wait for it to feel alright.

I grow angry I behave like an idiot.
I say hateful things that I don’t mean.
Sometimes I behave like I don’t care.
But that doesn’t mean that I don’t.
We talk like friends now.
somehow the way we were before we started.
It’s not the same, feels a little hollow,
feels wierd that this is the guy I loved.

I miss you at times, your jokes
remind me of the world that was.
People around me say to hope is good,
I don’t really know what to hope for.
You are far from me yet close to my heart
I can’t somehow let go so soon.
You were, are and always will be
My one true love, my one true friend.

Thank you!

August 9, 2011 § 3 Comments

I sat today reminiscing,
remembering all my old friends.
Of the way we’d started,
And how those friendships now stands.

There were few I met as a kid,
played with them over many sundowns.
Rest I met over the years,
Most made me laugh very few gave me frowns.

Few relationships started with arguments
be it a verbal duel or a fist fight.
Some of them today are my best friends,
We still argue n counsel as if its our birthright.

The ones who matter the most to me,
Know it through and through.
They stick with me in good times and bad,
My voice tells them whenever I’m feeling blue.

There are yet a few who faded,
their assurance was fake, a broken lie.
I don’t hold any grudges actually
I just don’t care that they don’t even try.

I make friends for life I’m told,
Apparently I’m clingy, I care too much.
End of the day I agree its true,
And I’m glad my friendships are such.

To those close friends who’ve always been there,
Who’ve made true promises to never part.
You’ve made my world a beautiful place,
And I’d just like to thank you with all my heart 🙂

Ek zindagi

August 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

ek hi zindagi milti hai pyaare,
ise kabhi haath se nikalne na dena.
Kehne ko upar wale ke khel hain saare
aur hum kathputaliyon ka naachte rehna.

ek hi zindagi milti hai pyaare,
usme bhi pyaar ke na hone ka dukhbhara tarana.
In baaton se farak padne laga kyun aise,
ki mushkil ban gaya har din ka jeena.

ek hi zindagi milti hai pyaare,
kyun gile shikwe se hai ise bharna,
log kam nai hain is duniya mein ki
aaj koi ruthe to har pal use hi hai manana.

ek hi zindagi milti hai pyaare,
bhar lo isme jee bhar ke dostana.
Ek din aisa aayega jab hogi saari
junta ek taraf, par saath hoga bas woh dost apna.

ek hi zindagi milti hai pyaare,
aaj ki haqeeqat kal ban na jaye ek sapna.
jee lo har pal ko is tarah tum,
ki har ek lamhe ko keh sako apna.

The twisted love story

May 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

This aint your usual love story,
This story is of not so long ago.
There was a girl and a guy,
the obvious setting leads on, ergo.

There was “love” between them
of the silly, cute, teenage kind.
Then he grew up and moved on,
whilst he was still on her mind.

She mingled with some wrong guys,
she thought they were the ones.
Yet everytime she was proven wrong,
she floundered, learning new lessons.

She kept coming back to him,
He’s there through her smiles and frowns.
His one word, one look, one hug,
lifted her from her breakdowns.

One day after quite some years,
the girl and the guy sat talking.
He asked her if they should get back,
if it was a chance worth taking.

But things didn’t work out again,
He moved on quicker this time.
She didn’t expect she’d feel heartbroken.
The pain she felt was sublime.

Despite it being her yearning,
she realised what was wrong.
She wanted desperately to believe
that he was hers lifelong.

Indeed he was and he’d always be,
right there whenever she’d intend.
Her confidante, her ally and everything else,
she’s okay him being just her bestfriend.

The Guy

February 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ages ago, i met this guy
his grin was charming.
Ages ago, i found a friend
his talks were amusing.

He made me smile all the time,
he scolded me when I lied.
He helped me the best way he could
he appreciated whatever I tried.

Ages ago, I met this guy
his words were mesmerizing.
Ages ago, I found a friend
his trust was endearing.

He made me tell all my secrets,
he assured I could always confide.
He came to me when I felt lonely,
he made me laugh till I cried.

Ages ago, I met this guy,
who I slowly started loving.
Ages ago, I found a friend
who I was scared of losing.

He taught me to love life,
for me, he was never busy.
The best friend that I hoped for,
he was, is and will always be.

12 saal bitaye humne wahan…

January 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

woh grounds ki dhool mein khelna,
woh canteen ke samose ke liye ladna,
woh corridor mein kneel down karte dikhna,
woh har test ke baad competitors ke marks compile karna.

woh cute se new student ko impress karna,
woh maths H.W. na submit karne ke naye bahane banana,
woh discipline se line bana kar har jagah jana,
woh blackboard pe likhi monitor ki warnings ko undekha karna.

woh morning assembly mein apne hi sur mein gana,
woh SUPW/hobby class mein fake sincerity dikhana,
arrangement period mein games milne par woh mil ke celebrate karna,
birthday treats ke liye lootna aur khushi khushi khud lut jana.

woh notes complete karne ke liye copies mangte firna,
stupid baaton pe doston ka roothna, fir unko manana.
appointment banne ke liye teachers ke good books mein rehna,
badge mil jane par class mein kam bahar tahalte zyada dikhna.

ladakpan ke pehle pehle pyar mein padna,
love letters likhna aur codewords mein baatein karna,
propose karne ke original tarike dhoondhna,
aur doosre mahine tak, kisi aur pe marne lagna.

12 saal bitaye humne wahan…

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