August 2, 2016 § Leave a comment

​Why are you wasting time?
Do you even have a plan?
Where are you headed,
What will you do in your lifespan?

Inundated with questions,
I’m bogged down with queries.
My future is everyone’s business,
Who cares what are my worries.

When will you get married?
Is there someone special in your life?
They feel I’m being ridiculous when I say
I don’t have time to be someone’s wife.

When will you get a better package?
Are you happy with your current job?
Cross questioning from such close quarters,
Feels like I’m being watched by the mob.

Why can’t they just let me be?
Is it really too much to ask?
My successes don’t feel mine anymore,
Because everyone else has to bask.

I now understand the pressure,
that everyone seems to be under.
Everyone is watching you closely,
Tracing your steps, more so any blunder.

How do you break free you wonder,
Is it possible to just not care?
It is if you just remind yourself
that in the crowd of millions, you are rare.

Why to buckle under their expectations
when you can write your own story?
You don’t need to conform
To someone else’s idea of glory.

Set your ideals, your goals in life
Based on what makes you smile.
Leave aside the world and it’s negativity,
Make your life on earth worthwhile!


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